The raw materials that we use to make our garments are GOT and OEKO-TEX certified organic fabrics like corn, eucalyptus, banana, bamboo, soya, milk, lotus. The production of these fabrics right from the step when the fiber is extracted to the final weaving is eco-friendly, and these are all biodegradable.

We also use handloom fabrics like Kota and chanderi which we source from the weavers, therefore, supporting the craft and the craftsmen.We use Azo-free dyes for printing and dyeing and the dyeing process using 100% natural dyes is done in our workshop, where we extract pigments from natural waste like onion peels, dried tree barks, flowers, vegetables and create dye vats.

The waste, i.e., water and used natural material, from this dyeing process is used for watering plants and as manure. Our clothes do not require dry- cleaning as that too uses chemicals but instead can be hand washed at home.

We do not use plastic in our packaging. All the tags and bags(made of fabric) are biodegradable.
As a sustainable fashion brand, it has been our constant effort to remove all chemicals from our production processes.